The Coffee Shop POS Brewed With Speed In Mind


We believe that customers should be able to buy their coffee and leave within a few minutes. The logistics behind the counter of a coffee shop are staggering. Pains are taken to make sure that each order runs as smoothly as possible. For instance, the milk is kept cold, coffee grinders are readily available, and all items needed to complete customers’ orders are within reach. Each ingredient has its place and each piece of equipment is arranged so that a wide variety of menu items can be made as quickly as possible.

An effective coffee shop point of sale system can help to maximize this effort and positively impact the customer experience, as well as streamline the sales process. Using the customizable options available on the POS system, employees can quickly process orders and keep up with the demands of your customers. Compliment the skills of your workforce by investing in the best POS system available. Designed to work with your needs, AccuPOS systems are ideal for busy coffee shops of all styles and sizes. With fast service and delicious coffee, POS systems can result in happier customers, better sales, and a positive experience for your customers. From order to receipt, increase the speed and accuracy with which your business operates, today!

With readily available technology, many business owners say that it’s time to make the switch to an updated POS system. As an award-winning coffee shop POS software company, we have the products and experience needed to equip your café, restaurant, or retail store. We offer coffee POS software and stations that are sleek, fast, and small for the counter and prep areas.


Fast Design

AccuPOS offers a beautiful software design. It enables coffeehouse owners to create a custom menu, with fast menu pages and a large number of items. Each menu item can contain specific requests, such as “no whipped cream” or “soy milk”, or can be written in as needed. When payment occurs, the order can be automatically sent to a prep area. Orders can be saved in progress, or edited after purchase. Customers can use cash, their Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, a gift card, or a check to pay for their purchases, and tips can be added quickly. Other functionalities, such as shift information, can also be used within the coffee shop software.

Having a new, updated coffee shop point of sale system can greatly improve the quality of the workplace, creating faster transactions, and better inventory. Little installation time and training for this system is typically needed, as the software is organized in a quick, logical manner for easy management and access.


Handheld Options

This coffee shop POS software can allow one to use a Windows tablet or Android phone as a portable point of sale. Having a handheld POS coffee shop system in conjuncture with other AccuPOS products can lead a business owner to make transactions on a number of combinations of software. If a local event is happening off-site during which a coffee house would like to sell items, they may do so using an Android phone, complete credit-card transactions, and keep the same inventory at the shop. The multiple AccuPOS systems will use the same server and reports will pull from all of them.

Also, using a Windows tablet as to complete customer transactions slims down the size of most front-end cash registers and allows for more room for impulse items and promotional displays. Using tablets may seem like a novelty; however, it has become commonplace for businesses interested in advancing the technology they use for the benefit of their customers.

AccuPOS Point of Sale is a benchmark that other POS software systems should strive for. It’s well thought out, coded properly, user friendly and affordable. When combined with QuickBooks you have a complete package that links the front with the back office.Tom Skarbowski,
Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Why choose AccuPOS

Here are just a few reasons to work with the best in the business.


Unlimited, 24/7 Support


Use the same interface on different devices


Keep selling even if you go offline


Full gift card and loyalty program integration


Get AccuPOS updates in real time


Use your own compatible hardware