Improve Your Bottom Line with Customized Gift Cards

Our POS software offers an easy way to provide your customers the convenience and flexibility of gift cards. From sales to loyalty programs, customized gift cards with your logo give you a better way to serve current customers, and will help you win over new ones.

Here’s just a few reasons how gift cards can benefit your bottom line:

Increase Revenue Gift Cards are great gift option for customers and an increasingly popular “impulse buy”. A great way to increase revenue.

Enhance Customer Loyalty It has been proven that over 60% of customers spend more than face value when redeeming the cards. Unused balances stay on the card to keep your customers coming back again and again.

Increase Store Traffic Point of Sale gift card service can help you increase foot traffic and exposure to the business. Also, a person who receives a gift card as a present is a great opportunity to create a new, loyal customer.

More Repeat Business From sales to loyalty, AccuPOS Point of Sale gift card service can give you a new way to serve current customers and win over new ones.

Increase Cash Flow Issue store credit and refunds on gift cards. Unspent balances remain on the card, rather than cash refunds, and it gives you an option to handle returns from customers without a receipt.

More Secure Than Gift Certificates The rechargeable cards have declining balances that are tracked automatically as your customers pay for purchases. With gift cards you save time because you don’t need to fill out a paper certificate by hand, or get an authorized signature.

Compared to traditional paper gift certificates, gift cards offer an additional level of security. The plastic cards are virtually impossible to forge, so you can accept them with confidence.

Save Time Gift Card transactions can be processed in as fast as 2 seconds. Speed at the check out lane will result in faster and better customer service.

Competitive Edge Elevate your business image to the level of the big retailers. Offering Gift Cards will convey that your business is well established and professional.

Let AccuPOS start making you money today!